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You’re eventually going to be offended by something on my Tumblr page, and that is fine by me. Real art is supposed to be offensive on some level. It’s supposed to insult your senses and make you think for a moment about something that runs contrary to your belief system or taste. Unlike other artists, I do not try to sell you anything. I don’t put any masks on, I’m just me. I have a very small (just fewer than 200) dedicated group of followers, and they enjoy talking to me. I’m a fun person, I’m also a decent person and I seriously don’t want to offend you deep down, I’ll just do it accidentally sometimes. I just wanna give you something you can’t get anywhere else, a unique experience.

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest AC/DC guy, it’s just not my generation’s perferred music. On the other hand, they still fucking rock, and there are a handful of songs that I love to pieces from their catalog, like this one, Shoot to Thrill off their album Back in Black (the version displayed here is performed live). For some reason, this song just gets my blood pumping and my head banging. Beyond that, there is simply no way to avoid the gravitas that these guys have generated since 1973, they’ve inspired plenty of hard rockers throughout the decades. They’ve also sold more albums than Madonna and for a damn good reason. Hit play and you’ll find out why these Autrailians rock so damn much.

Sweet drunken Lord, that’s a shitload of hits!

One of my paintings (Bleed-Thru, scroll down a bit on my page) got over 180+ reblogs/likes last night, and counting. What a great thing to wake up to; instant adulation. Thanks for helping me get my art out there, folks! I’m overjoyed, inspired and humbled that hundreds of you from all over the world like my stuff, and are willing to post it on your own pages.

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