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I can dig Hooverphonic and I’ve always enjoyed this particular song, Inhaler, off their first album, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (1996). A lot of their music is electronic trip-hop, but their sound does vary sharply depending on which album you’re listening to. The woman you hear singing in this song is their original vocalist, Esther Lybeert, who backed out of signing a contract at the last possible moment with Sony Music. As far as I know this band has gone through at least two other female vocalists in the last ten years or so and they really enjoy shifting gears with each album to produce a different kind of sound for each outing, so they’re very wide-ranging musically. They’re Belgian, and just like a good Belgian beer they go down smooth (sometimes spicy) and make you relax. So, give Hoover a chance today, and chill.

countingonhearts asked:

You know, when you say rape takes privilege/societal power + sex without consent, this a giant slap in the face to every male victim raped by a woman, to a white person raped by a black person, or to anyone raped by someone they may have privilege over. Rape does not take privilege to be rape, and saying so invalidates the experiences of so many victims.



"male victim raped"; "white person raped by a black person"…you clearly don’t understand rape.

You are mentally I’ll

Meet vegetableighs, formerly known as actingdelusionaleigh. This lolcow is a Tumblr user who made up a fake rape story, published it on Tumblr, got an inexplicable amount of notes for it, and brags about it on her page as if she is proud of it. Because of her lack of tact and taste, she was forced to rebrand and create another avatar to avoid a portion of the well-deserved hate she was attracting as a result. She thinks she’s fighting ‘the patriarchy’, she thinks she’s making a positive difference. But just like a lot of other self-important social justice warriors permeating Tumblr, she’s just another ignorant, hateful, toxic member of the community pushing gender separation and obliviousness. Hey vegetableighs, Satan called, he says you’re being too abrasive even for his taste.

Cex is Rjyan Claybrook Kidwell, a guy who started making music professionally at sixteen years old. I don’t really know how to describe the guy’s music because it’s so unusual and weird, but I like it specifically because it’s very unique and sometimes atonal. His freestyle lyrics (when he occasionally decides to put vocals in his tunes) are crazy, sometimes crazy good, sometimes just crazy. This song here, Denton, is my very favorite off his 2006 album, Actual Fucking. And no, there is no actual fucking going on here folks, just decent music from a guy you’ve probably never heard of. This is a sound you won’t hear anywhere else on the planet, so hit play, and if you like it do a little research and find out what’s so great about the same Cex. I sure did!

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